6 Types of Baby Shorts to Buy For Your Newborn


Babies require a variety of clothing for various seasons. Jackets and frog suits keep them warm; during the summer, dresses, blouses, and tank tops make them feel more relaxed. But to let them move freely without overheating their energetic bodies, adding plenty of baby shorts to your child’s wardrobe is a must.

There are plenty of shorts styles to choose from if you want to expand your baby’s wardrobe. Here are the types of shorts and other bottoms that you can find in most boutiques for baby clothes or online shopping websites.

Denim Shorts 

Denim shorts are versatile, trendy, and comfy sets of shorts you can get for your infant. This style can make babies of any sex look cool and casual, yet it will also keep them looking stylish.

Denim shorts are very comfortable to year. You can match it with your baby’s shirt for a casual look during the warmer days, or you could also put it on top of leg warmers in the winter for a rugged yet chic look.

Diaper Cover

Newborns, infants, and toddlers often wear diapers to prevent them from peeing on their clothes. To ensure that no accidental leaks will happen, you can get them a diaper cover.

These types of bottoms for babies are usually made of waterproof material. In addition, it comes with a wide range of inserts and liners to keep the urine and other waste from seeping out of the diaper.

Some of the most common types of inserts include flat inserts, prefold inserts, pads, and petal-style inserts. These inserts are usually made from bamboo, cotton, or microfibre materials.

Baby Bloomers 

Baby bloomers have a similar style as the diaper covers. However, the latter is waterproof, making it perfect for newborns and infants who are not yet potty-trained.

Baby bloomers are usually made with the same fabric as their matching top. It is also paired with baby girl dresses to cover the diaper when the little lady rides up.

Baby Leggings 

A pair of leggings is a very versatile fashion staple. It may be a staple in your wardrobe, especially when you are pregnant. But do you know that your baby would love wearing leggings as well?

Baby leggings are not only cute and fashionable, but they are also functional. It can grow with your little one since it is made with flexible fabric, and you can easily fit it over your child’s diaper. You may also invest in dark-coloured leggings to conceal the stains that your baby may incur all the time.

Cotton Shorts 

Kids are highly mobile. They need the right wardrobe that will let them move without any restrictions. But they also need clothes that can protect them from harsh elements. Investing in shorts made with cotton can provide both benefits.

Cotton is the best material when looking for a comfortable pair of shorts for your little one. It can create lightweight and breathable baby shorts that you can wash and dry with ease. This fashion piece is also soft to the touch, which means it will not irritate your child’s sensitive skin.

Linen Shorts 

Linen is also a great material if you are looking for the best baby shorts. It is also lightweight and cosy, which means your growing child will have no problems moving all over the place while wearing one of these pieces.

In addition, linen naturally wrinkles more than cotton shorts. It means you do not have to worry about fixing your child’s bottoms even if they become extra energetic.

Shopping for baby shorts can be overwhelming due to the wide range of choices you can find in the market. But it is ideal to invest in high-quality, durable pieces that your child can grow with to get the most benefits from your purchase.

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