5 Reasons the Tech Sector Is Sector for Explosive Growth


Technological evolution is always something to look up to. The tech industry will soon face rapid changes for the best, owing to the increasing demand for tech-related goods and services. Below are five key reasons the tech industry will undergo explosive changes for the best.

1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT tech is common for its unrivaled bandwidth and faster connection. Though still underdeveloped, it will soon become a significant part of everyday lives. Luckily IoT tech is already in motion since corporations like JDE (JD Edwards) are using the tech for software development.

According to The Business Insider, 24 billion devices will be connected to IoT by 2020. Also, close to $6 trillion has been set aside for IoT solutions. Businesses are the top adopters of IoT solutions since it helps them in the following ways;

  • Increasing productivity
  • Lowering operating costs
  • Expanding to new markets

By combining IoT with their enterprise resource planning system, businesses can automatically control the different parts of their supply chain.

2. Smart Cities and Smart Vehicles

Urban planning and the transport industry are teaming up with technology to ensure safe and efficient living in urban areas. Currently, sensors and wireless cameras have been strategically installed in buildings, light poles, and even street pavements. These will be part of the new wave of urban planning and city management implemented by governments and corporations.

In the coming years, the automotive industry will transition from standard cars to self-driven automobiles. Installation of these city sensors and cameras will have a significant impact on ensuring these self-driven cars do not cause accidents. These self-driven vehicles are designed to communicate with the sensors and wireless cameras to improve their navigation and reduce accidents within the smart city limits.

3. AR and VR

Virtual and Augmented Reality will soon revolutionize the computing experience by offering new methods to interact with tech and with one another. AR and VR technologies are still developing. They are bringing about new jobs and new levels of innovations to the computing experience.

Augmented and Virtual Reality is being used in various scenarios, for instance, eLearning. These technologies are helpful to students by creating scenarios that are almost impossible to create, thus allowing them to diffuse and solve these.

It also has uses in manufacturing industries. Virtual Reality can demonstrate how products would look like without even creating a physical prototype at the initial stage. An example is in the automotive industry, where Ford Motors has been utilizing its own Ford Immersive Vehicle Environment VR technology to design virtual representations of non-existent cars in the tiniest details.

4. Security and Data Centers

Technology also affects how data is being handled. This has caused an increased growth in demand for data centers, data analysts, and data engineers. Firms are currently in search of various specialists in these disciplines, especially data analysis.

The global giant tech firms have terabytes and petabytes of data collected that they need to evaluate and utilize to improve their ability to design products and services for their clients.

There is also a spiked growth in the need for security tech and security consultants. Technology is also susceptible to crime. Cybercriminals and hackers need to be fished out and apprehended, which is the main reason why there is a demand for more security experts.

5. Wireless Innovation

Broadband wireless networks are critical in enhancing communication between common infrastructure. For example, self-driving cars and the Internet of Things are being used to enhance the home and industrial equipment’s functionality. JDE software solution in collaboration with wireless networks in the form of IoT helps improve various processes in industry.

Moreover, wireless carriers are currently offering a new wave of wireless connection. 5G, the next-generation mobile broadband network, allows for faster connectivity among mobile users and is currently being rolled out in newer gadgets.

Wireless innovation is also essential in densely populated urban areas, and mesh networks are being installed to help connect nearby devices to one another in local grids for improved communication.

Bottom Line

The tech industry is set to grow exponentially. It will soon be under pressure to continually come up with better solutions for the ever-growing human needs. These are just some of the reasons why more people should embrace technology and attempt to understand its ins and outs to accommodate the increasing demand for technology experts.

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