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5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an Online Assessment System

Online assessment systems are in demand by many organisations. Educational institutions use such tools for better assistance in faculty exams. Meanwhile, various corporations utilise them for running screening tests and promotional assessments.

By aiding in such crucial processes, it becomes essential to choose an efficient online assessment system. You can find some of them here. To select the right online assessment system for your organisation, make sure to ask the below questions:

  1. What Are the Types of Tests You Offer?

To set up a successful and effective testing strategy, you require the right assessment tests. They must align with your organisation’s needs. It is crucial to ask your assessment provider which type of tests they offer to know if they can cater to your needs.

Some providers offer a comprehensive or specific range of online assessments. A vast range of tests can provide flexibility to test various aspects. Meanwhile, if you require specific types of assessment, you may need a specialised online assessment system.

  1. Will the Software Be Easy to Use?

This question helps to know if the online assessment software can be used smoothly. It is essential to ensure that both the administrators and the candidates can use it without any issues. The best way of checking this is by requesting a demonstration.

Some of the factors to look for include:

  • Clear interface
  • Smooth navigation
  • Proper layout
  • Clear presentation

You can also check if a software trial is available. A few experts or colleagues from your organisation can take the trial. Their feedback can be valuable.

  1. Is It Easy to Interpret the Key Results and Statistics?

The data of your key results and statistics is crucial. However, it can only be valuable if it is interpreted accurately. Many online assessment systems provide a thorough summary. While this is useful, you may also require a brief analysis of when there is a time crunch.

Online assessment systems that provide reliable reports matching your need of the hour can be advantageous. You may ask for a demonstration of the reports. It helps to know if you can understand the data accurately.

  1. What Customer Support Is Available?

Regardless of how smooth the online assessment system is, you may require to access customer support. It is best if you will receive this support without any hassle. Timely and reliable customer support is always beneficial.

Make sure to know the number of hours the support will be provided. It also helps to be aware of how quickly you will receive a response. This will assure you of having an efficient backup if the need arises.

  1. Which Pricing Models Are Available?

Cost is an imperative factor to consider before you choose an online assessment system. It is critical to be aware of the various pricing models available. Make sure to ask your provider which ones they offer.

Some offer a pay-per-test model. For this, you need to pay each time an assessment test is administered. Another common model is the subscription prices. It refers to the price for a specific period.

An online assessment system can equip your organisation with efficient assessment tools. It is essential to select the one that matches your organisation’s needs and goals. Make sure to ask the above questions to choose the right online assessment system.

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