5 Best Blinds to Suit Your Space Needs


Be it your home or workspace, ensuring that your place offers you ample reasons to be productive, chill and secure is indeed an ideal scenario. And while there are several ways in which you can elevate your space and make it into a perfect hub for you, nothing beats the magic and importance of blinds. You can select from a range of vertical blinds or get custom-made panels to add functional features and charm to your spaces.

Here are five types of blinds you can choose from:

Zebra Blinds:

Rendering a perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality, zebra blinds are your best bet if you’re yearning for a touch of sunlight and the fresh air without compromising your privacy. They can be great fits at work or home and allow you to enjoy the best of both- indoors and outdoors. You can navigate insulation and ward off dust and bugs just by pulling a simple chain attached to these types of blinds. And guess what? Cleaning or maintaining them won’t cost you much time or pennies too!

Roman Blinds:

Representing elegance and style, roman blinds take the whole ‘chic meets utility’ experience to the next level. Like zebra blinds, they too offer a splendid blend of privacy, protection along with peeks into the outsides, albeit a touch of taste. And that is precisely the reason why roman blinds are relatively expensive. Every blind is crafted to perfection by incorporating the best in design, functionality, fabric, and craftsmanship. If you’re looking to elevate the vibe of your space with a practical addition, roman blinds certainly make the cut.

Honeycomb Blinds:

True to its name, a honeycomb blind is essentially a pleated blind that is often used to cover large doors and windows. For the area they cover, these blinds offer complete privacy without robbing you of the perks of natural light and fresh air. And when used completely (rolled from top to bottom), they help trap the moisture and insulate the room. Available in different fabrics and colours, honeycomb blinds are a perfect fit if you’re keen on functionality, energy efficiency, and complete blind control to suit your needs.

Panel Blinds:

Panel blinds offer ideal solutions for huge spaces. They not only add functionality but are widely

used as ceiling-mounted room dividers and valuable adornments. Besides, they are known to lend a simple and uniform look throughout the space. Their sliding variants can be a real boon to cover patio areas and spacious doors and windows. Considering their size, you may tend to think that cleaning such massive panels may be a considerable task. But that is not true at all. Their gliding feature and material ensure that you don’t have to incur any overt additional costs or hassles.

Vertical Blinds:

If you’re looking for a no-frills functional addition to your workspace or home, vertical blinds are the thing for you. Characterised by vertical louvres, these blinds offer better light and air control and let you decide the extent of privacy too. Ticking all the right boxes, these blinds are perfect if your mind screams functionality without burning a hole in your wallet!

When used appropriately, blinds are capable of doing so much more than just ‘blinding’ or letting in sunshine and air. They can change the premise of your space and create a desirable mood for cherished times.

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