4 Ways a Virtual Office Can Help Your Business to Grow


Opening a business in Indonesia can be met with a few challenges. The economy is still recovering and business investors are shy to invest in the market, even with numerous opportunities that abound. Then, there is the issue of finding reasonable office space in some of the more lucrative places in the country, namely Jakarta.

Like pretty much everywhere else in the world, the rents in some of the country’s metropolises are higher the closer you get to the financial district. For this reason, businesses have had to become increasingly creative when finding office space. Of the more popular alternatives, the virtual office has become very popular simply because it provides businesses with the chance to take the remote-working platform and give it an online structure. Take a look at Servcorp’s Virtual Office Jakarta at http://www.servcorp.co.id/en/virtual-offices/ to see how office space with an online address is good for business.

Continue reading to learn more about just some of the ways the virtual office can help your business grow and expand.

Software Programs And Apps

The virtual office can make many office tasks much simpler through the numerous software programs and apps. Programs that automate tasks relate to bookkeeping make it more efficient to generate reports with error-free calculations. Furthermore, the data inputted into your accounting system can be synced with bank and credit card account information making it easier to keep the business of your business organised.

These same programs and apps can provide more structure for the average functions of your business, namely supervising contractors. Applications that allow you to communicate with employees, applications that allow you to assign and accept submissions from freelancers, and applications that allow you to track progress can make supervising employees from a remote location easier. Furthermore, these apps can make it easier for businesses to build remote teams online.

Social Media Marketing

Another way that a virtual office can help your business is through the many social media tools that can be used to attract, relate to, and retain consumers. While social media has been around for a while, businesses have increasingly found it a valuable tool in the public relations area of tapping into consumer markets. The virtual office can be used to create a page to reach out to consumers. Just backlink the page to your company’s website to give consumers more information related to your business.

Hiring Top Talent

The virtual office has impacted hiring practices. Years ago, you could find full-time and part-time positions being advertised online, and this is still true today. Today, however, a new crop of independent contractors and freelancers have changed the way people get hired today.

Instead of taking the protracted route to finding new employees, the online landscape has created a virtual marketplace where professionals can showcase their skills and set their own prices. Interested employers can review each candidate’s experience and credentials and contact potential hires. Furthermore, the process for making these hires is much quicker than in past times, so you have access to worldwide talent without worrying about interrupting productivity due to the hiring process.

Access To Business District

Finally, the virtual office places your office in close proximity to other businesses and resources. Your address, phone number, and the meeting rooms you will use typically are in office buildings that make up the financial district, and this office space is characteristically expensive. Ultimately, the virtual office provides your business with access to office space in areas where they can tap into the resources in the area.

Growth Through Your Virtual Office

The virtual office essentially gives your business access – access to people, places, and to the world. This versatile office space platform can be used to perform a variety of functions, namely bookkeeping, supervising contractors, and hiring new talent. Ultimately, with the variety of functions, your business can grow both in the internet landscape and offline.

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