3 Expert Tips for Starting a Juice Production Company Business

3 Expert Tips for Starting a Juice Production Company Business

The juice industry will be worth over $257 million by 2025, and you can have a piece of the fruity pie. Within a few short years, this industry will experience huge growth. Bring the power of juice to the people!

What are your expectations for your company? Small bottling companies need almost the same planning and equipment as a large one, now to match your dreams and business plan with reality and bringing it all to fruition.

  1. Your Juice Bottle Company

Your business name, your packaging, and your branding are just as important as the juice. The one time it is not just what is on the inside that counts.

The colors and everything on the outside are what catches the consumer’s eyes. People shop with their eyes first. When designing a logo go for something that the consumer can relate to whether that is clean, clear, and bold words or images that correlate to the product itself.

Choosing bottles will be about shape, color, and material, but also about the price. When you choose your bottle, you need to think about how the bottle relates to the bottling process, box packaging for delivery, and how they fit on the retail shelves. 

The container plays a huge part in the juice world. With concerns over harmful bottle materials growing, most people are reaching for glass bottles or safe plastic juice bottles.

Do you know why type of juice production line you will have? Will it be an automatic bottling line or will you need to hire extra staff? Issues to cover:

  • Building and location
  • Staff
  • Water treatment
  • Bottle rinsing/sanitizing
  • Juice production line
  • Juice filling line
  • Product storage pre-bottle & post-bottle
  • Label makers
  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Health & safety regulations
  1. Small Batch or Major Production?

Is this going to be small batch juice making or are you planning on going big? Is it your juice, or just your dream to own a bottling facility? For those that are bottling someone else’s product, the relationship between your company and theirs should be communicated thoroughly so that you are making a solid partnership with them.

Do you need to produce a lot of product to make a lot of money? A higher price tag can be secured from a premium product, selling in an area where they can charge more, and keeping production prices as low as possible.

If the juice is fresh with little to no preservatives, you will need to sell it faster. Moving product quicker can be more stressful, but fewer preservatives usually mean a premium price tag.

  1. From Seed to Sales

Walk into this with as much knowledge and enlightenment as possible. From seed to sales.

Run plenty of test batches, and have your retailers be part of your test groups to get a firm grasp on not only taste and quality, but also how the product packaging goes over. Trial runs save businesses.

Securing your retailers as a wholesaler is a large part of the business. While selling your own product can cut out the middle person (retailer) and put more cash in the bank, what they can offer you is worth the cut they take.

What will it take to transport the product from your juice plant to the retailers? You have to get it from point A to point B somehow. Will you have your own trucks and drivers, or hire a delivery company?

The Main Squeeze

Juice bottle production is a challenging, but rewarding business. Whether you are bottling your own product, or someone else’s you will be part of an industry responsible for bringing health to the public, and wealth to yourself. Check out the rest of our blog to keep up on the latest trending topics in business if you wish to grow with the industry.

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