Monitoring Teens

10 Apps Suited for Monitoring Teens

As nowadays social relationships monitoring is the foremost thing to consider as the advent of the internet has made our world the global village. In this village, we are no longer away from our loved ones socially. In fact, if there is some space for events related to the party of relatives, friends’ partners, and many other relations cyber involvement is imperative. In fact, all the credit have been gone to the technology and it is due to the immense involvement of individuals in political and socio-cultural that have been captured both sides of the spectrum.

In light of the fact that the internet is the Pandora’s Box that is used to deliver both the positive and negative aspects of society and can capture the society in both sides. All in all, it is our intelligence to use the technology that how we use it, since, it is the one that is important to provide us the number of solutions to all the challenges that we have to face on a daily basis.

Why there is the need to go for the apps to monitor their activities

Because of the ample complications associated with the use of technology, most of the individuals have becomes increasingly wary in the usage of apps. In fact, technology has captured the recent and all the prior uses of the technology. This is the reason why people are more addicted to the use of technology. But the threats associated with the usage of technology have made them use the apps with some intelligence. Like in the case of children this is the duty and the foremost consideration to use spying apps that could effectively make the use of technology safe for your kids.

Benefits of using spying apps in your child’s phone

  • Protect your kids from questionable content
  • Enhances the familiarity
  • Provides the ability to fight with cyber crimes
  • Promotes relationship with your kids and their relationship with your; since they won’t spend their spare time on their cell phone that they want to spend with yours
  • Provides a greater sense of peace of mind

10 apps suited for your kid’s security

1 MocoSpy

If you are looking for the number one spying app, then congratulations you have finally found that. MocoSpy is the complete package of your kids’ safety. Moreover, it is very hard to find applications like spy app in the market at such a reasonable price.


  • Location tracking
  • Protection from bullies
  • No more cyber crimes


  • No observed yet

2. Mama Bear

If you are looking for the top-notch app that works effectively in monitoring the social media of your kids, then this is the ideal one to go. Moreover, you can get easy access to it just after some downloading procedure.


  • Provides the vigilant alerts and location tracking
  • Social media app tracking


  • A bit expensive
  • You need to compromise with the speed

3. Dinner time

If you are tired up seeing your kids using the excessive cell phone all the time, then this the time to look into this matter to have the amazing app that could provide you the amazing performance.


  • Minimize the device during dinner time
  • Less mobile usage during study time
  • No cell phone during bedtime


  • No location tracking
  • No cybercrimes protection

4. Screen time

If you worried about the time your kids that they have zero contribution at home, and they are wasting their all day on their phone then you have finally found the product that you are looking for.


  • Minimize the times of your young ones spending on their cell phones


  • No protection from irrelevant advertisements
  • No social media tracking
  • No GPS tracking

5. Youtube kids

If you wonder how your kids will use the YouTube friendly apps then congratulations, you have finally found that.


  • Minimize all the irrelevant information’s from YouTube


  • Only associated with YouTube

6. Bouncier

If you are looking for the app that makes your kids’ safety drive, then this is the app that has given you all the relevant information.


  • Ensure kids safety drive


  • You can’t have the authority of the protection of your kids through other mediums

7. Record ASAP

If your child is ignoring your most important message respectively then there is the imperative to get the app that would provide you the ideal medium that makes the connection between you and your kid.


  • Freezes your kids’ phone and surround it with alarm when you are calling them


  • A bit expensive
  • No friendly use

8. Qustodia

If you are worried that after all where your kid is spending a great chunk of their day then this is the best app you are looking for.


  • Record all social media safety and web browsing
  • Safe for Windows, Mac, PC, and iOS


  • No Location tracking

9. Bark

The bark is the app that is used to analyze all your online safety. These are the best apps that ae use to taking into account, cyberbullying and another individual context.


  • Block Bully online


  • No location tracking

10. Check

If your kid is becoming more obsessed with the cell phone, then this is the time to check the addiction of their cell phone.


  • Protect your kids from cell phones obsessions


  • No locations tracking
  • No Spying protection

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